All products you order from Haikara are free of shipping fees.

DHL is our official shipping partner. Shipping time will vary depending on your location.

When you have completed a purchase, we will send you an email with a tracking code about the estimated delivery time of your order.


Return Policy

We offer a 30-days return policy, which is calculated from the day your product is shipped from our fulfilment center.

This means that you can return the unused product free of charge within this 30 days period.

In case you wish to  return the product, we advise that you first reach out to us at so we can guide you.

Please ensure that the Product is returned with complete unbroken package and Product has not been misused or altered.


Getting started: How to connect your Haikara watch

  1. Place your watch in the charging cradle and ensure your watch is fully charged
  2. Download Haikara app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  3. Follow the instructions in the Haikara app to start pairing

How to change watch faces

Swipe left or right with your finger to change watch faces

How many watch faces are pre-installed in the Haikara Watch

You have 7 watch faces pre-installed in your watch. For customers who pre-ordered Haikara Watches through our Indiegogo campaign, you will get additional 13 watch faces very soon through Haikara mobile app

Can I buy additional watch faces

It is impossible to buy additional watch faces at the moment. We will be opening the watch face store very soon

What can I do with my Haikara mobile app

With the current Haikara app, you can do the following:

  1. You can pair your Haikara watch with the app
  2. You can create and edit your Haikara account
  3. You can see the pre-installed watch faces
  4. You can update the firmware of your watch to the latest version

Upcoming features of the Haikara mobile app

We will be releasing the following important features of the Haikara mobile app within the coming weeks

  1. Change watch face from your mobile app
  2. Set your watch to party mode
  3. Set 3 important contacts to receive notifications from

Need more help?

For more help, contact us at